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Who we are

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We are a pre-eminent financial advisory firm, collaborating with Industry Pioneers to create an impact in today's dynamically evolving financial ecosystem.

Our Values.

Our actions are governed by the foundational values of our firm

We at SSI, believe that clients hire us for our professionalism and our objectivity; Therefore, we never slip away from our commitments. As to us commitments are the foundation of any association and an only way forward.
For us Transparency isn't a buzzword. It's a founding principle we preach and practice every day. Through self-paced learning, mentoring and introspection, we have built a professional culture that keeps our team transparent with our clients, no matter what.
SSI adheres to the strictest measures for client confidentiality during its engagements and beyond. We believe in keeping your information as your proprietary asset and hence our team acts dutybound to protect it.

Our People

SSI believes that the quality of its services is entrenched in the diversity of its team and their zeal for overcoming the hardest of challenges


When you associate with SSI, you aren't just working with highly skilled advisors; perhaps you are also collaborating with them to build a company of your dreams.
Our people are devoted to serve you with the highest standards of professionalism yet maintain a relationship which you can trust and bank up on.


SSI's comprehensive view for talent and expertise brings a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and knowledge base to its team. This helps foster a culture of critical thinking and discussion.So that our clients are rest assured that SSI's strategic advisory has been thoughtful and been tested from every perspective.

Problem Solvers

Our people bring pioneering expertise from various Industrial domains across the world. Combining a global perspective and a vision to facilitate the next-gen financial advisory system, the team at SSI are trained with zeal to act as your professional problem solvers.
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