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Advance Business Compliance Package

About This Plan


A business entity, post-incorporation, has to ensure compliance to numerous statutes and other regulatory bodies notified by the Jurisdictional Government, from time to time.

Such compliances are mandatory in nature, and include various activities like periodic filing of tax returns, holding and reporting board meetings, maintaining statutory books of accounts, etc.


Annual compliance packages offered by SSI cover 100% of your legal compliance requirements and are designed to be totally reliable and reasonably priced in order to ensure that you can enjoy doing your business.


Customized services offered by highly qualified and experienced professionals of SSI take care of all Statutory compliance requirements and facilitate your ease of doing business!


SSI’s ANNUAL COMPLIANCE PACKAGES are a one-stop solution for a business’s compliance and accounting requirements. SSI acts as a one-stop-service provider to its clients by offering them end-to-end services in a committed, timely and transparent manner.




  1. Private Limited Company Incorporation
  2. Book-keeping & account for up to 1200 accounting transactions per annum
  3. GST & TDS Compliances (monthly/ quarterly) per annum
  4. Payroll management and ESI/ PF Compliance for up to 25 employees
  5. Drafting and finalization of financial statements
  6. ROC (Secretarial) compliances, without audit
  7. Computation of Advance tax (4 Nos)
  8. Issuance of 4 Nos DSC
  9. MSME registration
  10. GST Registration
  11. IEC Registration
  12. FSSAI Registration
  13. Start-up India registration
  14. Expert advisory on financial planning and corporate taxation
  15. Printing and drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  16. Issuance of share certificates, up to 4 shareholders
  17. Subscription to our expert advisory newsletter
  18. Assistance in bank account opening
  19. Up to 4 Trademark registration, exclusive of government fees
  20. 2 Logo design
  21. 1 Business profile presentation
  22. Up to 20 social media graphic designs
  23. 1 Domain name and 1 static website development (from preset templates) with online hosting. (API configuration not included)
  24. Complimentary year-round support for ITR filing of all your employees.


By this All-in-one Basic Compliance Package, we ensure your compliance to all statutory norms is as smooth as possible.

How It's Done

  • A highly experienced team at SSI makes sure that your bookkeeping & compliance management are being done as per the industry best practices and are compliant with all applicable statutory norms.


  • SSI manages all the above activities via one point of contact model which makes sure that your association with us is hassle-free.


  • SSI’s Annual Compliance Packages come with transparent pricing so that you can budget and plan well in advance.

Information Guide

Benefits of opting for SSI as your single service provider for all your compliance requirements:


  • Unmatched accountability

if there is a problem in an internal management process, SSI will be your honest partner to raise a red flag and put you to caution in advance so that it is easy for you to see where things are going wrong and why.


  • Help identify risks, easily and quickly

Whether it is a supply issue, a bad creditor, or poor internal controls, SSI will always guide you and suggest you the best practices in order to resolve the underlying issue, free of any charge, always!


  • Help you in focussing on your organization’s business plan only:

We at SSI, understand that you had started your business to grow, sustain and achieve your dreams; and that is the reason why we want you to release the stress of being occupied in day-to-day compliances and focus on your business only.

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