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Advance ITR Package for Salaried Individuals

About This Plan

Many believe that it is optional to file Income tax returns and therefore end up being non-compliant with the country’s most stringent tax law, The Income Tax Act, 1961. Income Tax returns are an annual event and are the moral and social obligation of all responsible citizens.


Income Tax is a direct tax that is charged on the income of individuals or entities who are required to pay taxes to the government. The tax is calculated on the next taxable income of the entity based on the Income slabs which are notified by The Finance Act every year during union budgets.


Income tax is commonly taken off your pay by your employer, or of the service recipient, and sent directly to the account of the central government in the form of TDS.


Individuals or entities like HUF, sole proprietorships are required to calculate their taxes and file an Income Tax return if no more tax is payable after TDS (Tax deduction at source)

Each year, one should file a tax return with The Income Tax department, to:


  • Report the annual income generated
  • Ensure that the correct amount of income tax has been duly paid
  • Access tax credits and benefits


Why should you opt for SSI to assist you in filing your Income Tax return?


  • Expert advisors assist all our clients and offer the most valuable consultations you can ever get.
  • Your confidential information is secure with us and we practice non-disclosure for all our assignments.
  • We offer you 365 days of relentless support, our customer relationship team ensures you are never in doubt, for anything that relates to your taxes.


Advance ITR Package for salaried Individuals, having salary up to 50 Lakh rupees includes the following services,


  1. Computation of Advance tax (4 Nos)
  2. Maintenance of books of accounts up to 100 transactions per annum
  3. Expert advisory on how to save tax by investing your income in the right schemes, deposits.
  4. Preparation and filing of ITR
  5. Year-round business hour support package for the advisory of taxation and availability of tax benefits.
  6. Applicable to directors of companies having income from the Director’s remuneration.
  7. Support to track Income Tax refund

How It's Done

  • Our Tax experts will contact you within 24 hours of your selection of our service package for all the information that we need to process your computations.


  • Post having your documents we begin by drafting your financial statements, which will include your profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and so on.


  • Before finalization, our Tax experts will share the data with you for your approvals and doubts (if any)


  • Once approved, we file your Income-tax returns at the online portal of the Income Tax Department.


  • ITR Acknowledgement (ITR-V) and the final ITR form are shared with you once the form has been successfully filed.


  • You can write to our team, any time to obtain the status of your ITR and refunds (wherever applicable).


Information Guide

List of Documents Required

  1. Soft copy of Adhaar Card of the Individual
  2. Soft copy of PAN of the Individual
  3. Phone Number & Email Address
  4. Bank Statement to process your books of accounts.
  5. Form 16/16A (As applicable)
  6. Investment proofs to obtain tax benefits under section 80C, 80D, etc
  7. Valid Bank Account Number in which refund has to be received.

Price available on request

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