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Project Report Preparation

About This Plan

A Project Report is a detailed document that provides a detailed analysis of the proposed business plan. It is based on the data pursuant to which the project has been appraised and ascertained to be feasible.


A project report consists of the following vital information:


  1. Main objectives of the project and the exact line of business
  2. Total Budget of Project
  3. Location of the site/ business/ startup
  4. Employment requirements of skilled and unskilled labor
  5. The technology selected for the project
  6. Production/ service process
  7. Projected production/ service volumes, target prices
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Management Plan & Promoters profile
  10. Project Implementation plan
  11. Balance sheet
  12. Profit and loss statements
  13. Fund Flow Statement
  14. Capital Structure and operating cost
  15. Fiscal Acquisitions and Tie-ups
  16. Break-Even Points Evaluations
  17. Social responsibility
  18. Feasibility study report


What are the uses of a project report?


The project report is very much necessary when you’re looking to raise debt capital (Bank loans) or equity capital (seed funding) for your existing or proposed business.


Benefits of getting your project report made from SSI?


SSI deeply understands your requirement for a good launch of your business and values the entrepreneurs who are trying to head-start their business after the pandemic has hit the world.


Keeping in mind that good business ideas require good plans, budgets, forecasts, and estimations on paper; our core team heads the Project report preparation department so that our clients get the best of advisors in the industry to document their foundation papers and help them grow in the most efficient and effective manner.


How It's Done

  • Once our team conducts a preliminary assessment of a client’s business idea and their estimations, we give them clients a nod that a good project report can be drafted for their business with all the vital components that are essentially focused by all the bankers/ investors to fund their venture.


  • Post the preliminary assessment we require our clients to get in a service agreement with our company and then a technical relationship manager is assigned to take ahead the drafting and finalization of their project report by Setup Services India.


  • At last, when the draft of the project report is ready, the document is duly assessed by core team members of Setup Services India so that valuable advisory can be taken from our masters of all trades and provide maximum benefits to our clients.

Information Guide

Documents required to draft a project report are:


  1. Projected financial statements, fund flows, and estimations regarding the project.
  2. Management representation letter taking the burden of proof for all the estimations mentioned in the report.
  3. Brief Profile of the promoters
  4. Previous experience of the organization/ promoters
  5. Technical details of the project
  6. The main objective for drafting the project report.

Other specific details may deem necessary for SSI to draft the report.


What are the objectives of Project report?
A project objective describes the desired results of a project, which often includes a tangible item. An objective is specific and measurable and must meet time, budget, and quality constraints.
What are the benefits of Project Report Preparation?
Project Report Preparation helps to keep transparency about the budget among those involved in the project's work so that the budget is not exceeded. Hence, to sum up, it helps you improve your team performance and turn your project into a success.
How Project Report Preparation can help your business?
The aim of a Project Report Preparation is to provide a critical analysis of how the business is tracking in all areas of the organization. Project Report Preparation is an important tool to guide decision-making and to allow business owners and senior managers the opportunity to investigate and solve any identified issues.

Reporting is done through the process of compiling and reviewing the information within a specific functional area such as finance, sales, operations, inventory control, or any area of the business where performance is monitored and measured.
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