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Virtual Payroll Management

About This Plan

In current times, payroll management has become a tedious task for all business entities, be it an MSME or a large corporation, maintaining compliance on one hand and assuring employee satisfaction on the other have become unattainable mutual benefits out of an effective payroll management system.


As payroll management is not a profit-making activity most of the business promoters avoid spending their time in ensuring compliance to applicable rules and regulations, often imposed by the Labour welfare department(s) from time to time; and eventually end in hassles when the loose compliance eventually results in statutory penalties.


It is exceedingly difficult for the management to self-monitor such compliances and that to when the rules and regulation of labour welfare are state law dependant and keep on changing from time to time.


Therefore, keeping in view the complicity and hassles involved in this tedious compliance, outsourcing Payroll management is the best solution for every enterprise.



SSI works with you like an outside agency to do the routine work of:

  1. Salary calculations as per your attendance module
  2. Setting up your provident fund rules based on the number of employees and employee salary ranges.
  3. ESI applicability and computations for your full time and hourly employees. SSI also generates the filing outputs meeting the ESI Law compliant standards.
  4. Labour welfare fund calculations and compliance management (Mandatory in some states)
  5. Professional tax calculations and compliance management (Applicable in some states)
  6. Comprehensive employee TDS (IT) calculations and payments
  7. Out-of-pocket reimbursement calculations and maintenance of records
  8. Set up employee’s loan eligibility criteria based on their salary and duration of employment served for the organization.
  9. Right from recording the disbursement of the loan to the recovery of monthly/ quarterly EMIs, SSI helps you easily track and administer the loans given to your employees.

Other salient features offered by SSI to provide an above-average satisfaction to you and your employees:

  1. SSI provides your employee payslips in various formats digitally, which can be delivered to your employees on their mobile app, email, or SMS.
  2. SSI keeps a track of your newly joined employees and your exited employees so that you can review and settle payments within the time frame suggested by the applicable state Labour Law(s).
  3. SSI keeps track of all out-of-pocket expenses and other ad hoc payments, to be paid to your employees as per your internal policy and seeks your written confirmation to either pay or hold such payments for next month.
  4. SSI handles & clears all income tax-related queries of your employees, year-round. So that the promoters of business do not have to worry about the satisfaction of their employees in regard s to statutory deductions being made from their salary.
  5. SSI ensures Leave, attendance & overtime deductions/ payments are made well in time and offers your admin managers to review and finalize all unpaid leaves, attendance deductions and make other adjustments as required.
  6. SSI helps your employees to provide their tax declarations and upload applicable proof(s) and document(s) in an easy and all online process.
  7. SSI helps your employees to scan and upload their receipts using their mobile phone/ tablet or computer and claim their reimbursements in an easy, hassle-free online approach. SSI also helps them to keep a track of all their pending reimbursements and approvals, all in one place.

How It's Done

  • We at SSI admire simplicity and transparency; Therefore, all the above services are offered to you at a price of Rs. 249 per month/ per employee. Billed annually.

Information Guide

Following statutory reports will be provided to you in this package:

  1. Salary/Wage Register
  2. Location wise Salary/ wage Register
  3. Department wise Salary/ wage Register
  4. Salary Slip / Pay Slip with Company Logo
  5. PF / ESIC PT Summary
  6. Identity Card Register (Form 38)
  7. Leave Encashment Register
  8. Leave Register Form 18/19
  9. Bonus Register (Form ‘C’)
  10. Gratuity From ‘F’
  11. Form 24 (For Labour Contractor)
  12. Form 13 (For Labour Contractor)
  13. Form IV (For Labour Contractor License Application)
  14. Form XXI - Register or Advance (Labour Contract)
  15. Form XXII - Register of Overtimes (Labour Contract)

Price available on request

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