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Virtual CFO Services

About This Plan

Presently, after the eruption of the pandemic worldwide, new companies and corporates are searching for approaches to run lean. There is stress in a lot of industries and even established promoters now want to slice out high costs associated with their senior management to maintain good profitability.


This condemns us all to rethink and derive new solutions wherein innovative and remote capabilities can serve the purpose of the appraisal, decision-making, and efficient use of man-hours in senior management roles.


As a result of the above, a new pattern of employing Virtual CFOs over the more conventional in-house full-time CFOs is now being adopted at an exponential rate.


Promoters, Board of Directors and CEOs usually make the following inquiries before hiring a Virtual CFO:


  • What level of administrations do virtual CFOs offer, and how competent are such professionals when it comes to practical situations?
  • Are Virtual CFOs’ really accessible? How they convey reports?
  • What's more, obviously, how much do the low maintenance CFOs cost in 2021?


In this elaboration, we will cover a portion of the essentials of working with a virtual CFO and give you essential information.


What does Virtual CFOs Offer?


  • A Virtual CFO can distinguish and oversee accountant(s)/regulator(s) and various Intra-organizational budgets, plans, and running accounts to create dependable information and decipher the outcomes, delivering a deep analysis on how to steer the Board of Directors towards expressed objectives. The outcome is that the promoters then get to know, precisely: where, when, and how to center policy and procedural decisions to ensure an effective, efficient, and statutory compliant financial internal control system.


  • A Virtual CFO can shape the accounts department with an upper hand. In case you are monetarily baffled, odds are your rivals are as well; however, they are likely not perusing this post and effectively looking for an answer. An accomplished CFO can help you cut waste, convey cash proficiently, and discover more noteworthy creations or development openings. With their assistance, you can be in a situation to stride in front of different associations with a specialty.


Virtual CFOs’ can be necessary key management personnel, mentors, guides for any organization.


Virtual CFO benefits specifically include:


  • Gathering pledges. Virtual CFOs may make the monetary story and can do some light pitching, yet do not anticipate that they should go through a half year on planes pitching VCs or banks everywhere in the country.


  • Oversee account-related IT frameworks. Try not to anticipate that the virtual CFO should oversee IT staff, organization, web access, security, or CRM/ERP frameworks.


  • Take an interest in executive gatherings. Virtual CFOs may prepare and mentor the CEO and can be mentioned for a presence in gatherings.


  • Consolidations and acquisitions. This typically comprises of light warning and investigation help, yet do not anticipate that the provider should require on a months-in length due to steadiness project on a second's notification.


Your business entity may not be needing these administrations as of now, however, if you are or expect to be out of luck, it is always better to have this vital information about these contributions of Virtual CFOs’ in advance.


Virtual CFO benefits generally DON'T offer:


  • Bearing the weight of everything legitimate
  • Overseeing HR/Admin (benefits, protection, recruiting/terminating of non-account staff)
  • Day by day, in-person interest with the chief supervisory group
  • One-stop for all financial backer relations


Why you need virtual CFO administrations? What Benefits you will get by Setup Services India c/o Sixth Element Finserv Private Limited?


Virtual CFO administrations are useful for both of all shapes and sizes organizations. Be that as it may, actually, they are more essential for private companies and new businesses.


This is because, for the most part, large organizations can bear to recruit a full-time CFO in their organizations. In any case, new businesses and little organizations cannot do that since they need accounts to extend their organizations and search for new skylines of chances for the development of their organizations.


A Virtual CFO deals with the monetary exercises of an organization. Monetary readiness, execution, oversight, and observation are largely the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


To figure an arrangement for the organization's next cycle execution, monetary estimates and planning are required. A Chief Financial Officer with tantamount business skills would furnish you with significant information for the organization's turn of events and vital arranging.


How It's Done



Getting a virtual CFO onboarded, frameworks set up, and everybody up-to-speed frequently takes around a month. A week after week meeting rhythm is standard for this period. A portion of the regular exercises achieved during this time are:


  • Objective Setting - Your CFO should begin by understanding your short and long haul objectives. Your objectives help decide the data you will have to hit the achievements on the way to accomplishing them. Your data necessities, thus, educate the innovation, group, and cycle expected to create it.


  • Report Design - Your CFO ought to have the option to introduce reports which match the way you decipher the information. A few proprietors digest visual information better and will profit from more diagrams and charts. Others are more numbers-information situated and can burn through reports with mathematical information as it were. The specialist organization will feature a couple of key measurements that you should observe now and develop those as your business difficulties and openings change.


  • Innovation Recommendations - Your CFO may see that your framework would work even more productively with new programming with an equilibrium of value, execution, security, and dependability.


  • Analysis of the Balance Sheet - After some investigation, the CFO may have to revamp your asset report to get a more precise image of monetary reality.


  • Enhance Financial Processes - One advantage of recruiting a virtual CFO specialist organization is that you are getting their mastery, however, you can profit by acquiring from their insight into measures they have constructed or utilized in different organizations. This onboarding time can be utilized for rebuilding your cycles for better usefulness.


The Virtual CFO administration ought to have the option to give you a 90 to the multi-day guide of all that will happen in this time span. This guide is an urgent first piece in the commitment with the specialist organization.


CFO Insights and Communication:


The privilege of virtual CFO administration will convey itemized and far-reaching monetary detailing. Also, they may plan gatherings to give setting and master direction around these reports.


Correspondence is normally taken care of through telephone or video gathering with assistance like Zoom or Google Meet or GoToMeeting. Archive sharing might be dealt with by email or a record the board arrangement like Box, Smart Vault, or Google Drive.


The recurrence of customary announcing will rely upon your organization and necessities. The beginning stage is normally month to month, however week by week income or everyday streak reports may be shared and observed.


The actual information will probably come from an assortment of sources. The parts of a definitive detailing bundle may briefly live in different configurations like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, or an industry-explicit examination apparatus like SaaSOptics (for SaaS) or AutoTask (for MSPs). The virtual CFO regularly conveys the last month-to-month report in a solitary, simple to-peruse PDF.


See the growth reports CFO pros can provide:


Allow us to show you the monetary reports that get ready CEOs for definitive activity.


Our leader development unit is an example of every one of the reports that we use for aiding associations in each phase of development. Your capacity to settle on the correct choices in the correct arrangement is restricted simply by the nature of your monetary experiences. We prepare CEOs to win.

Information Guide

For what reason is the culture to hire Virtual CFO developing massively alongside its benefits?


The numerous reasons why Virtual CFO administrations are developing are referenced beneath:


  • Adaptability: You set the conditions for time and cost that fit well for your organization when you utilize a Virtual CFO (VCFO). This may mean working all day hours for a specific measure of weeks for the VCFO and afterward low maintenance or on a fragmentary premise. At the point when the details change, you can increase or down. Without losing the sort of abilities and information that you need; you pay for the time and expectations extraordinary to your business.


  • Financial Expertise: A VCFO who is a certified accountant might be the specific choice for such hiring(s). This helps an organization to achieve financial optimization & compliant strength.
  • Outside partner and expert administrations contact: A Virtual CFO has well-established contacts and professional relations with partners, moneylenders, and several expert bodies due to his vast experience. They give the announcing and audit a further consolation, and a due determination, and a skilled oversight.


  • Finds a good pace, quickly: VCFO's jumps into dynamic situations and rapidly work out things. They have the experience of joining the mid-measure discourse and quickly evaluating what should be accomplished from a monetary perspective, regardless of whether it is gathering information, improving budget reports, or presenting better bookkeeping systems.


  • Best Advisors that you may need: Employing a Virtual CFO could be valuable to your organization's general development as they not just aid you with your finances but also provide advisory on some fundamental necessities for your organization like essential licenses, complex compliances.


Why choose Setup Services India as your Virtual CFO service provider in India?



SSI’s Virtual CFOs are highly qualified, extremely capable, immensely experienced in numerous Industrial domains, and realize how to work in an arrangement to benefit the hiring business entities in a diligent, honest, and committed manner.

SSI’s Virtual CFOs oversee the day to day accounting and booking keeping procedures,
Annual/ Bi-annual budgeting processes, compliance to all the applicable statutory norms of your jurisdictional Government/ Regulatory authority; permitting you to focus on your core business procedures only.


Are Virtual CFOs equally safer to hire like normal CFOs?
Yes, Virtual CFO services are often backed with extensive and exhaustive registered agreements and are categorized as "privileged professional communication" which is protection awarded to a communication between an adviser and a client. Professional communications and confidential communications with the legal advisors have been accorded protection under The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 ("the Act")
Are Virtual CFO Services suitable for small businesses?
Yes, Hiring Virtual CFO Services in India for small businesses is absolutely recommended as the cost-benefit analysis gives immense returns in longer runs
Are Virtual CFOs’ more affordable than full time CFO ?
Re-appropriated CFO administrations are more affordable when contrasted with in-house CFO. Employing a full-time CFO will add costs like paying their compensation, finance charges, and so forth.

Virtual CFO administrations can give your business similar advantages as an in-house CFO give. You pay them when you have work for them.

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