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Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory services

Corporate Advisory services

Corporate Restructuring

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What Is Restructuring?   Restructuring is the corporate management term used for the act of reorganizing ownership, operational, legal, or other structures of a company for the need of making it more profitable and better developed, and organized.   What is corporate restructuring?   Corporate restructuring plays a vital role in the life of...

Corporate Restructuring Strategies: 


  1. Merger and acquisitions (M&A): In this concept, two or more business entities are merged by way of absorption by forming a new company. The merger of two or more business entities is generally done by the exchange of securities between the target and the acquiring company.
  2. Demerger: Under these, two or more companies are combined into a single company to get the benefit of synergy
  3. Reverse Merger: In this, the unlisted public companies can convert into a listed public company, without opting for IPO (Initial Public offer).
  4. Disinvestment: When an entity sells out or liquidates an asset, it is known as “divestiture”.
  5. Takeover or Acquisition: Under this, the acquiring company takes overall control of the target company.
  6. Joint Venture: Under this, an entity is formed by two or more companies to undertake financial acts together.
  7. Strategic Alliance: Under this, two or more entities enter into an agreement to collaborate with each other to achieve certain objectives.
  8. Slump Sale: Under this, an entity transfers it one or more undertakings for lump sum consideration.


Mergers and Acquisitions

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Incorporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A) are transactions in which the ownership of companies, other business organizations, or their operating units are transferred or consolidated with other entities, through various types of financial transactions including exchange or entity's stock, equity interests, assets, consolidations, joint ventures, slump sales, and management acqui...
  • At SSI, we are consciously aware of the value that can be unlocked by a successful M&A transaction, and the value that can be destroyed by an ineffectively carried out M&A process.

  • Our professionals have vast experience in carrying out successful M&A processes for a wide variety of companies around the world. This experience, know-how, and traction give us the gut to manage an M&A process by minimizing the disruption to our clients’ companies.

  • Also, our experience teaches us that only a tightly run M&A process will produce the highest value and the greatest likelihood of closing for our clients.

  • Whether your organization is focused on synergies, tactical growth, business rationalization, or investments, our bespoke solutions are designed to generate maximum value for your business and shareholders.

  • Leveraging our organization’s industry-leading knowledge and powerful, data-driven insights, SSI’s M&A Strategy & Diligence services will guide you before, during, and after an M&A transaction.

  • Our professionals will also strategize, design, and implement end-to-end solutions for successfully carrying out your required transactions.

  • From planning to post-transaction restructuring we will help you drive optimum performance and results in every key M&A process.

Corporate Tax Advisory

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Taxes are a significant cost for doing business in India and hence, upfront advice and an effective tax planning mechanism can help in attaining tax efficiency. SSI’s professionals have deep-rooted experience in the Indian direct tax regime and hence encompass various aspects of tax advisory.   SSI’s Corporate Tax Advisory offerings include the following aspects:   ...
  • SSI offers fully integrated tax and advisory services. Our team’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge combined with valuable insights will help you in your global operations.


  • SSI’s team of Tax specialists assist numerous business houses in India on various tax and regulatory matters at every stage of the business lifecycle, thereby enabling them to explore and make the most out of their business opportunities.


  • Our specialist teams provide holistic and tax-effective solutions to large multinational companies, mid-size businesses, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses and achieve tax efficiency.


  • Our goal is to minimize tax exposures by means of legitimate Tax planning and keep you aware of the dynamic requirements of the Indian taxation regime.

Virtual CFO Services

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Presently, after the eruption of the pandemic worldwide, new companies and corporates are searching for approaches to run lean. There is stress in a lot of industries and even established promoters now want to slice out high costs associated with their senior management to maintain good profitability.   This condemns us all to rethink and derive new solutions wherein innovative and remo...



Getting a virtual CFO onboarded, frameworks set up, and everybody up-to-speed frequently takes around a month. A week after week meeting rhythm is standard for this period. A portion of the regular exercises achieved during this time are:


  • Objective Setting - Your CFO should begin by understanding your short and long haul objectives. Your objectives help decide the data you will have to hit the achievements on the way to accomplishing them. Your data necessities, thus, educate the innovation, group, and cycle expected to create it.


  • Report Design - Your CFO ought to have the option to introduce reports which match the way you decipher the information. A few proprietors digest visual information better and will profit from more diagrams and charts. Others are more numbers-information situated and can burn through reports with mathematical information as it were. The specialist organization will feature a couple of key measurements that you should observe now and develop those as your business difficulties and openings change.


  • Innovation Recommendations - Your CFO may see that your framework would work even more productively with new programming with an equilibrium of value, execution, security, and dependability.


  • Analysis of the Balance Sheet - After some investigation, the CFO may have to revamp your asset report to get a more precise image of monetary reality.


  • Enhance Financial Processes - One advantage of recruiting a virtual CFO specialist organization is that you are getting their mastery, however, you can profit by acquiring from their insight into measures they have constructed or utilized in different organizations. This onboarding time can be utilized for rebuilding your cycles for better usefulness.


The Virtual CFO administration ought to have the option to give you a 90 to the multi-day guide of all that will happen in this time span. This guide is an urgent first piece in the commitment with the specialist organization.


CFO Insights and Communication:


The privilege of virtual CFO administration will convey itemized and far-reaching monetary detailing. Also, they may plan gatherings to give setting and master direction around these reports.


Correspondence is normally taken care of through telephone or video gathering with assistance like Zoom or Google Meet or GoToMeeting. Archive sharing might be dealt with by email or a record the board arrangement like Box, Smart Vault, or Google Drive.


The recurrence of customary announcing will rely upon your organization and necessities. The beginning stage is normally month to month, however week by week income or everyday streak reports may be shared and observed.


The actual information will probably come from an assortment of sources. The parts of a definitive detailing bundle may briefly live in different configurations like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, or an industry-explicit examination apparatus like SaaSOptics (for SaaS) or AutoTask (for MSPs). The virtual CFO regularly conveys the last month-to-month report in a solitary, simple to-peruse PDF.


See the growth reports CFO pros can provide:


Allow us to show you the monetary reports that get ready CEOs for definitive activity.


Our leader development unit is an example of every one of the reports that we use for aiding associations in each phase of development. Your capacity to settle on the correct choices in the correct arrangement is restricted simply by the nature of your monetary experiences. We prepare CEOs to win.

ISO Certification & Advisory

Price available on request
ISO Certification is proof that your management system complies with an ISO standard beneficial to your business, your clients, and your team. Certification proves your company’s credibility in tenders and instills confidence that your promises will be kept.   By having a management system that meets international standards, you tell your customers that you are serious about mee...

Once you have selected SSI to help you in your ISO certification and paid the fees, our experts get in touch with you to complete the process in the following parts:


  • Our expert calls you to understand your requirements in a better way.

  • We brief you about the entire registration process and suggest you a future course of action.

  • Our experts will give you a master checklist so that you do not have to bother time and again for documents and if in case you are short of any documents, our experts also help you to provide us the maximum possible alternative documents.

  • After receiving all the documents, we then furnish your application,

  • Certificate of registration is then received by you on your official correspondence e-mail id.