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Startup Pitch Deck Preparation

About This Plan

Whenever entrepreneurs are looking to raise capital and get legitimate VCs for their startup, the first step that they need to accomplish is to have an appealing, detailed, clear Startup Pitch Deck.


A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides investors with an overview of your Start-up idea, organizational structure, appeal in the business line, feasibility, and viability.


Startup pitch deck ordinarily focusses on:


  1. Showcasing product/ service
  2. Insights on your business model
  3. A look into your monetization strategy
  4. An introduction of your founders and your team
  5. Industry synopsis
  6. Factors that make your startup more advantageous than the rest of your competitors (If any)

Most Investors review hundreds of Startup Pitch Decks every day and hence a basic deck fails to excite them enough to consider a startup seriously. The repetitive and mundane feel of basic pitch decks of every other startup makes them want to see one unique and impactful.

Creating a Startup pitch deck that stands out from your competitors is crucial before pitching VCs for investment. It will determine whether your pitch deck will be thoroughly reviewed or skipped immediately.


Essentials for a good startup pitch deck:


  1. Straight up and to the point with crystal clear insights
  2. Usage of infographics, line charts
  3. Separate slides for Product Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Cash burning, Financial budgets, etc.
  4. Based on clean visual aesthetic
  5. Summary of Target markets


SSI provides the following inclusions when you opt for us to make your pitch deck:


  • A unique, newly designed pitch deck
  • Up to 36 slides of the presentation
  • 5 years Justifiable fund flow projections
  • Estimated valuation as per industry-relevant PE ratios
  • Discounted cash flow model
  • Advisory on how to make your business model more relevant.
  • Analysis of your pitch deck by successful entrepreneurs and VCs in the Industry
  • Survey of up to 2 competitor’s financials if they are a registered company in India
  • Verified incorporations and registrations costs analysis


How It's Done

Pitch deck preparations and drafting are overseen by our founders directly to provide you the best advisory in the budding stage(s) of your startup. We value the entrepreneur in you and hence try to advise you in the most transparent and committed manner.


Once you select SSI as your companion advisor to draft your pitch deck, we follow the below-mentioned steps to serve in the most efficient manner:


  • Our executive gets on a detailed call with you to understand all the details about your startup and the target person/ enterprise for whom you are getting your pitch deck prepared.

  • A draft presentation is then made and shared with you to check on the design language.

  • Then our founders/ senior professionals write to you to ask about your financial projections and then present them in the most justified manner

  • Proforma budgets and projections are then shared with you for appraisal.

  • Once approved, we put the same in infographics for an appealing presentation.

  • The final deck is sent to you for approval and suggested revisions (if any).

  • We wish you the best of luck and assure of our constant support, throughout your journey!

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Setup Services India understands the value of your privacy. Your work is safe with us as we treat all information in the strictest confidence and sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with you in the first communication.


Find a sense of security in our Non-Disclosure Policy.

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