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Online DSC

About This Plan

Class 3 DSC provides the highest level of trust within the RCAI hierarchy setup of the controller of certifying authorities (CCA) in India.


The most specific use of Class 3 DSC is to authenticate the identity of the applicants/ authorized representatives in e-procurement, e-tendering, and in e-filing of legal documents for various statutory compliances in India. These are highly assured certifications; hence they are issued to individuals only on their personal verification by the certifying authorities. These Class 3 digital signature certificates can have up to three years of validity and can be now obtained in an entirely online process.


Used of class 3DSC:


  • E-biding
  • MCA E-filling
  • Income Tax E-filling
  • CCP Registration
  • GST Application & E-Filing
  • IE Code Registration
  • E - Tenders
  • Patent and trademarks E-filling
  • E-auction
  • Customs E-filling


DSC is now mandated to be used for all types of transactions in India.


At Setups Services India, online DSC service provider can help you get your DSC in an all-electronic process that can be completed within 20 minutes.

How It's Done

SSI needs the following documents to process and make a Class 3 DSC:

  • Soft copy of Applicant’s PAN Card
  • Soft copy of Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Soft copy of Applicant’s Photograph
  • Applicant’s Email address
  • Applicant’s Phone number

Information Guide

Who are those in need of a DSC?


  • Directors
  • Auditors
  • Bank officials, for registration of charges
  • Chartered Accountants, whether in practice or in job
  • Company secretary, whether in practice or in job
  • Other authorized signatories


Digital signatures are legally admissible as per IT Act, 2000, are password protected, and cannot be copied from a digitally signed document.


Why do I need a DSC?
A Digital Signature Certificate verifies your identity electronically. It secures your online transactions with a high level of security.
How does digital signature work?
A digital signature certificate, in simple terms, is a file created by a licensed certifying authority through encryption and is then issued to you, in a USB E-token.

When signing any document this file is accessed, which acts like a 'key' (private key) and locks & secures the document being signed (through encryption).

This is like using a key in a physical lock to secure your valuables in a bank locker. Where a lock can only be opened by its own key.
Can a person have more than one DSCs?
Yes, any directors/ Partner in LLP/ Chartered Accountant/ Company Secretary can have more than 1 working DSCs’.

However, one needs to register the DSC at respective portals before any E-fillings to successfully verify a document.
Can DSCs be used to sign Electronic Invoices?
Yes, DSCs are legally admissible and can be used to sign E-Invoices.
Can DSC be used to authenticate normal PDFs for corporate communications?
Yes, DSCs can be easily affixed used basic software like Adobe Acrobat for verification purposes.

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