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What we do

Setup | Launch| Manage | Expand | Diversify


Here we start helping our clients post basic ideation with their project reports, preliminary viability checks and business surveys.

SSI, helps both foreign as well as Indian companies in identification of strategic advantages and incentive schemes in the Indian commercial ecosystem before incorporating their businesses.


To nurture past ideation & projection, SSI then proceeds with registration of Formal entities for its' clients and help them find an impression on paper, of what had been planned in their ideation stage.


Post registration with various statutory bodies, SSI then helps its clients sustain the ease of doing business by taking care of their compliances, accounting & financial record maintenance activities.


Here, SSI caters the Management Consultancy needs of its clients.

Creating a boutique service portfolio for each Industrial domain and helping individual clients in raising capital, managing their international taxation, planning remittances and drafting legal agreements.


Where in a client has established its existing business line and further intends to grow, acquire and diversify other business lines
SSI facilitates Internal as well as external restructuring, mergers and acquisitions for monetary valuations, business transfers, succession and creation of synergies in trade.
Also, SSI's Real estate Advisory wing helps its clients for strategic investment of their funds.

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