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Corporate Planning Services

Commercial planning services

We start helping our clients post basic ideation with their project reports, preliminary viability checks and surveys.

SSI, helps both foreign as well as Indian companies in identification of strategic advantages and Business, corporate incentive schemes in the Indian commercial ecosystem before incorporating their businesses.

Project Report Preparation

Price available on request
A Project Report is a detailed document that provides a detailed analysis of the proposed business plan. It is based on the data pursuant to which the project has been appraised and ascertained to be feasible.   A project report consists of the following vital information:   Main objectives of the project and the exact line of business Total Budget of Project Location ...
  • Once our team conducts a preliminary assessment of a client’s business idea and their estimations, we give them clients a nod that a good project report can be drafted for their business with all the vital components that are essentially focused by all the bankers/ investors to fund their venture.


  • Post the preliminary assessment we require our clients to get in a service agreement with our company and then a technical relationship manager is assigned to take ahead the drafting and finalization of their project report by Setup Services India.


  • At last, when the draft of the project report is ready, the document is duly assessed by core team members of Setup Services India so that valuable advisory can be taken from our masters of all trades and provide maximum benefits to our clients.

PE Setup Services

Price available on request
Setting up a Permanent Establishment is the first step towards scaling a business over International boundaries and its facilitation for Global Markets. Hence, Setup Services India is your quintessential partner to scale your business and set up its branches, entities, and establishments abroad with ease. Our core team of experts helps you set up your temporary as well as permanent ...
  • To initiate the process of incorporating a foreign company, the following documents are generally required:


  1. Documents required for individual Ultimate Beneficial Owner, Shareholder, Director, and Manager.
  2. Passport copy
  3. Proof of physical address (recent utility bill or bank statement in English)
  4. Project description is required for certain activities (template will be provided)
  5. KYC form (template will be provided)
  6. Three (3) choices of company name

  • Documents required for Corporate Shareholder:


  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. MOA
  3. Certificate of Incumbency
  4. ​Board Resolution (template will be provided after pre-approval)

Transfer Pricing Advisory

Price available on request
With incremental adoption of globalization and rapid growth in several multi-national companies trying to establish their operation facilities, production houses in India, taxation in India is being aligned with global tax practices.   Therefore, it is incredibly important for every business entity to develop a thorough understanding of the transfer pricing regulations applicable on an...

SSI assists and provides advisory to its clients by:


  • Studying the specific industry

  • Analysis of Invoicing methods adopted,

  • Analysis of reportable transactions

  • Determination of arm’s-length principle and pricing methodologies

  • Computation of transfer pricing

  • Compliance with transfer pricing taxation rules and requirements of the tax authorities.

  • Transfer pricing study Report

  • Accountant’s report

Business Agreements Drafting

Price available on request
A business contract is a legal agreement between a buyer and seller of goods or services. Business contracts can be used by anyone making any kind of business exchange – from large companies to individuals. Business contracts should include all details about the exchange, including payment, the type of goods or services, and the responsibilities of each party. A business contract will protec...
  • Business Incorporation agreements:
  1. Partnership Deed
  2. Franchise Agreement
  3. Shareholders Agreement
  4. Joint Venture Agreement
  5. Business Transfer Agreement
  6. Limited Liability Partnership Agreement
  7. Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Corporate AgreementsSupply Contract
  1. Service Agreement
  2. Consultancy Agreement
  3. Employment Agreement
  4. Non-Compete Agreement
  5. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDAs)
  6. Deed of Retirement from Partnership
  7. Commercial Lease / Lease for Office Premises (Rent Agreement)

  • Board Resolutions
  1. Board Resolution for the resignation of Director
  2. Board Resolution for Appointment of Director
  3. Board Resolution for investment in a company
  4. Board Resolution for giving loans to sister concerns/ related parties
  5. Board Resolutions for commencement of business compliance

  • Technology information Agreements
  1. Website cookies policy
  2. Privacy Policy for websites and Mobile Applications
  3. Terms and Conditions for websites and mobile applications
  4. Return/ Exchange policy for websites and Mobile Applications

Startup Pitch Deck Preparation

Price available on request
Whenever entrepreneurs are looking to raise capital and get legitimate VCs for their startup, the first step that they need to accomplish is to have an appealing, detailed, clear Startup Pitch Deck.   A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides investors with an overview of your Start-up idea, organizational structure, appeal in the business line, feasibility, and viability. &...

Pitch deck preparations and drafting are overseen by our founders directly to provide you the best advisory in the budding stage(s) of your startup. We value the entrepreneur in you and hence try to advise you in the most transparent and committed manner.


Once you select SSI as your companion advisor to draft your pitch deck, we follow the below-mentioned steps to serve in the most efficient manner:


  • Our executive gets on a detailed call with you to understand all the details about your startup and the target person/ enterprise for whom you are getting your pitch deck prepared.

  • A draft presentation is then made and shared with you to check on the design language.

  • Then our founders/ senior professionals write to you to ask about your financial projections and then present them in the most justified manner

  • Proforma budgets and projections are then shared with you for appraisal.

  • Once approved, we put the same in infographics for an appealing presentation.

  • The final deck is sent to you for approval and suggested revisions (if any).

  • We wish you the best of luck and assure of our constant support, throughout your journey!