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Manpower Placement

About This Plan

An efficient, effective, experienced, and dependable Manpower can do wonders for any business enterprise, provided the availability is ensured at the right time and at the right cost.


In a country like India, where there is no limit on human resource capabilities and supply, finding a correct mix of manpower can be extremely tough as too many choices often lead to misplacement and underutilization of valuable and experienced Human resources.


Nowadays, in the era of digitalization & automation, all business entities are running an extra mile to have a worthy mix of human resources who can shape the future of such entities even while working from home.


SSI, in such a dire need of quality manpower, comes into the play by having various advantages by its side, like:


  1. An extremely qualified board of directors, who have a rich experience & working background in India’s biggest of industries, start-ups, etc.
  2. A technologically advanced approach that understands your requirements and tries to solve them in a quick and cost-efficient approach.
  3. Some Industry-first features in its manpower placement package
  4. Presence of its manpower-provider partners across India
  5. Intuitive and practical assessment methodologies

SSI offers innovative workforce solutions and provides end-to-end Human Resource Management to its clientele and helps them resolve their critical talent needs by providing:


  1. Comprehensive Workforce Management
  2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  3. Temporary Staffing Solutions
  4. Leadership Training and Development
  5. Human resource shortage management
  6. An industry-first employee attrition analysis to check and resolve underlying problems in the enterprise that may be leading to a human resource crisis in the background.
  7. An industry initiative to check on the employers for their feedback on the resources so provided and fix any motivational or technical issues that might be leading to inefficiency or ineffectiveness.

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