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04 July

How to incorporate a private limited company in India

Posted By : Nishant Arora, CEO Setup Services India

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A private limited company is the most popular form of organization in India. Start-ups prefer this because it helps in getting seed funding and issue ESOPS. As they are legal entities, they need registration and are subject to a few rules for annual filing and for the payment of taxes. There are certain registration steps to incorporate a Private Limited Company, it varies from country to country on how one needs to register.


Registering a business may seem like an intimidating process, but it's not that complicated. 


Every business must register itself as part of mandatory legal compliance. First, you need to choose a business structure while applying. You will also need to check for the name availability of your company. One also needs to have documents like Proof of Identification, Proof of address, Rental agreement, etc... 


Now-a -days, registering a company in our country is a simple 4-step process. At the beginning of the process, you need the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). As most things are online now, digital signatures are required to fill out forms in the MCA portal. The DSC is mandatory for all proposed directors, memorandums, and signatories. The second step is the Director Identification Number (DIN), which is to be obtained by anybody who wants to be a director, after this the name and the address proof are to be provided in the company registration form. Then, comes the registration on the MCA Portal; for this, the SPICe + form is to be filled and the documents are to be submitted. After registering, the director can log in to access the MCA portal service. This includes submitting electronic forms and viewing published documents. 


Lastly, it’s the Certificate of Incorporation, once the registration is done and the documents are submitted, then the application will be reviewed and after that, the certificate is issued. These are some easy steps of registering for a company. Once, all the steps are completed there are some conformances to be followed. There are a lot of benefits of having a private limited company. So that’s how one can incorporate a Private Limited Company in India by only following a few steps and rules. 

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