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Jurisdictional Planning

About This Plan

We at Setup Services India, understand the dynamics of starting a business. Therefore, during the process of incorporation we assist our clients in:

  1. Geographical selection for their business setup
  2. Identification and appraisal of the commercial incentive schemes (if any) listed by the state as well as the central Government to facilitate specific Industrial sectors.

Micro services included in the aforesaid package are:

  1. Identification of exemptions/ incentives in Direct as well as Indirect taxation regimes for the respective nature of business in target area
  2. Jurisdictional planning of factories, processing house, warehouses with a purview of tax planning and cost efficiency in supply chain
  3. Examination of Labour laws relevant to the target area of business setup
  4. Assessment of connectivity and feasibility for logistics
  5. Identification of locally present unions of transport and labour to facilitate the process of decision making and proofreading the cost budgets in business plan
  6. Benefit accrual of MSME registration, wherever applicable
  7. Identification of relevant FDI rules as per respective Industry
  8. Assessment of Land acquisition circle rates and average cost of purchase in the target area of business
  9. Support to fetch documents from jurisdictional Registrar office(s) for assessment of Public real estate documents
  10. Assessment & applicability check for Startup India schemes listed by the Government of India

How It's Done

  • Appraisal of the Project report (if any), made in respect of the business to be incorporated, by the Managment at Setup Services India.
  • Analysis of the quantitative details & assumptions mentioned by the client in the aforesaid project report by Experts.
  • Qualified MBAs', Chartered, Costs and working accountancy professionals are appointed from the team of Setup services India to lead the tailor-made assignment(s).
  • A structured need vis-à-vis want matrix is developed by our team to mark identifiers for deliverables of the project.
  • A definite time limit is finalised with our clients, to conclude the assignment.
  • Our team then proceeds with the assignment and provides the client with a professionally verified Legal opinion apropos to the set objectives of the project.

Information Guide

Documents required from client base.

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Price ₹25,000.00

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